Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What makes IT Services Companies Great?

IT Services companies come in many shapes and sizes. From a single person operations to giant collections of consultants and technologists.
There is also an equally large diversity in the degree of success of these companies.

Some questions that gnaw at us..

What makes an IT services company successful, and seen to be a leader?
Does being successful make it a leader?
Or is it the other way around - being seen to be a leader in a specific area ensures its success?
What role does visibility of the brand play in ensuring its success?
Do these companies, prior to being successful, even have a 'brand'? or only a company identifier?
Which are the channels these successful companies use to get their messages across?
What role, if any, advertisement play in building these brands?
Do customers really percieve these 'brands' the same way as the organizations' employees see themselves as?

Lets attempt to address these questions over a period of time.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Perspectives on Business Leadership


This is a new blog where I will be posting my perspectives on business leadership.

The focus will primarily be on the IT services Industry, specifically on the critical success factors for Offshore IT services, Building an IT Services Brand, and Marketing Initiatives for IT services.

For those of you who share my passion for branding, marketing, reaching out to customers and building a successful organization, this should be a good opportunity to share your thoughts and insights.

I have been associated with IT services in the offshore space for about 6 years now. Not a long time if you consider that the IT outsourcing is more than 40 Years old, with Ross Perot starting this industry with the formation of the precursor to Perot Systems, which is EDS.

However, the Offshore IT services Industry has come of age in the last 5 years, post the Y2K era. And this is the era that I have spent in the Industry.

My observations are based on first hand experience with attempting to build a leading offshore brand and analysing how the current industry leaders have reached their strong position.

Look forward to inputs from specialists and from beginners in this area.