Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Or another name for typecasting a brand.
Based on its legacy, current perceptions and positioning..

Some brands just cannot seem to get away from theit typecast - good or bad! and an example 'Apple' = Innovative / fun products. it did bounce back did'nt it, with iPod!

There are numerous brands typecast with messages that they long stopped giving, and replaced them with new ones. Or at least attempted to replace with.

Just that no one seems to listen. Or they do hear it but do not 'listen'.
They just do not get it, don't they? ( pun intended!) Both those who are singing and those who are hearing.

Would it not be better to change the brand? And then attempt to send the new messages again.

Try it, it might work. At least you will get noticed!

The alternative is to continue to sing the same old 'new' melody.

And, oh, it also matters how many Watts of music power you are pumping out... whistling softly will not carry the message far, nor will a hand held megaphone.

Invest enough, or it is all a waste of breath!


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