Thursday, May 25, 2006

Guts & Glory

Or another name for 'rewards & recognition'.

All of us working in organizations know of instances of people being rewarded and recognized for work they have done.

And several times people not being recognized even though contributing to success of several endeavors.

And of several winners not acknowledging those who enabled them to win in the first place

It takes GUTS to do so, COURAGE to acknowledge that they were not alone.. to recognize the sherpa who enabled them to scale Everest..

And true leadership is all about recognizing and nurturing these enablers - they are mortar that holds the facade together, the millions of rivets and welds and bonds that hold the aircraft together, the nuts that hold the wheel to the rim.

Remember the few ceramic tiles, which weakened and brought the space shuttle down..

Enablers and silent background workers are these ceramic tiles, these glue.. actually nuts - recognize their contribution, or risk the fate of the shuttle.

Have the GUTS to deliver GLORY to all the people who enabled you win. That is character.
That is leadership.


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