Friday, February 08, 2008

Best Practices - Shared Vision

How employees’ participation in organization vision increases organization competitiveness.

The first qualifier for this is to have a vision in place - a vision that clearly articulates what the organization for, why the organization exists and measurable outcomes.
Cascading of vision is critical.

Each employee should identify with organization's goals and identify their contribution to that goal.

Align the organization - Cascade goals and objectives right down to the bottom most strata of the organization; right from the fresher who has joined today to the 6 year veteran ( yes, in today’s context six years in one company qualifies you to be a veteran:)

Each employee should know what the organization stands for, what it will be in the future.

Each employee should be aware and proud of the organization’s contribution to make the world a better more efficient place.

They should identify with quantifiable and measurable impact on society.

Communicate continuously.
Cross check message for consistency across all channels and communicators.

Reinforce through examples – highlight examples where individual or group actions contributed towards achievement of the vision.

Believe in the vision yourself as a leader – never ever, even jokingly, show a disbelief in the vision, or a lack of belief that the organization might not be able to achieve the vision.


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