Thursday, December 03, 2009

Failure of leadership - Does 8% growth mean anything to the 600 Million Hungry Indians?

If anything it could mean their hunger grows by a proportionate percentage!

The headlines screamed at us this week – India has achieved 8% growth!

Buried somewhere in another article a few weeks back in the same leading business daily were these figures - 600 Million Indians still go hungry each day – most of them eat not more than one meal a day, most of them eat nothing on a given day in a week.

While we are succeeding as a nation pounding our chests with 8% growth in recessionary times, these 600 Million human beings still go hungry.

If this is not a collective failure of leadership of our nation then pray tell me what is?
In fact, this is a collective failure of all us educated, well-fed and prospering, Indians.

Many of us would have received our annual increments in the past few months – many would be cribbing the ‘inadequacy’ and comparative less increase than others. Just keep in mind that the only increment that these hungry 600 Million get is in their hunger.

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Blogger Iushi said...

I agree we lack in leadership and initiation and would really like to know your opinion on what can actually be done at the very grass root level to uproot this evil and have what we call INCLUSIVE GROWTH.

6:33 PM  

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